hey, y’all

This is me, Phylecia Sutherland—the face behind the paper and the press.

my story

Every one has a journey and mine has been pretty incredible, but I’ll save all the details for a long chat over a hot cup of Yorkshire tea should you really need to know more. I’m an American girl hailing from a small town in the deep south who met a Yorkshire boy and followed him over the ocean. We put down roots, have two wonderful boys and live in our cozy home with a crazy labrador and two very tolerant cats.

I’m an old soul who loves the simple life. At home, I listen to classic fm, potter around in my garden and love to bake in my Aga (only because my husband is the best and will clean up after me). I love spending time with friends and family and always around a table full of food or a fire. And I love Jesus for saving this soul and the joy He brings.

I love making with my hands, creating tangible beauty. The Creator of the universe created all of us to be inquisitive and He gave each of us gifts. Our gifts are meant to point us to Him. By delighting in the gifts He gave me and working to the best of my ability, I am ever pointed to Him—His grace, His beauty, His love. I’m just a simple daughter of the King, making away in my little corner of the world, delighting in Him, delighting in my gifts and loving those around me.