Slowly made, perfectly presented.


I'm so glad you've found my little corner of the world where I approach my work thoughtfully and artistically to create wedding paper that is tactile and refined. I believe that paper has the power to hold value and be timeless when design and production are carefully considered and implemented to perfection. I create for couples who value the heirloom potential of their wedding stationery, who know that luxury is rooted in process and materials and who understand that the most beautiful things take time. 


"Working with Phylecia was my favourite part of wedding planning."

Alexandra, Bride


For eight years, I have been creating bespoke letterpress wedding invitations for wonderful couples all over the world. Recently, I've launched my first ever house collection of semi-bespoke stationery suites that reflect my heart and creativity but also lend themselves to be personal to each couple. No matter which path you choose, you can trust my unwavering commitment to using the best materials, most beautiful print processes and the perfect finishing touches.


Let's get to know each other and work together to create something that tells your story, puts anticipation in the hearts of your guests and will be an heirloom keepsake for the rest of your lives.


We can work together to customise one of my house collection designs and make it your own.


My stationery design goes beyond how the information is laid out on a piece of paper. It’s also about knowing how the colour of the paper, the texture and thickness of the paper, the print and finishing touches compliment each other. Every little detail down to the seal and binding holds importance in bringing a story to life.
(from my manifesto)