Freshly launched, these collections have my heart. They are designed to reflect my style but also lend themselves to customisation so that you can make it your own. I always work closely with you to create the invitation you want. So simply find a design you like below and we'll work together to customise everything else- paper colours, ink colours, finishing touches, etc! If you think you would like to change any element of the base design, then you would go the bespoke route

Inspired by the gorgeous climbing hydrangea that climbs my own home. The blooms look fantastic in Spring or long after they have dried. This is perfect if you're looking for detailed and romantic illustrations.

Modern simplicity without sacrificing tactility. This suite is completely typographic based, designed with layering papers in mind. Seal it with ribbon and a wax seal or with delicate tissue and simple statement metallic pin.


For the free-spirited couples, this suite with it's wild botanical illustrations and whimsical calligraphy is perfect for you. Pair it perfectly with handmade paper and a rustic wax seal.


Give a little hint of what to expect with a beautiful custom venue illustration.Lovely idea if you are celebrating in an old English manor home or your own family's estate.