my manifesto

I understand that wedding stationery needs to be a practical piece of information, communicating the essential details to all the wedding guests, but it also has the potential to be more than that. Stationery should be designed to be evocative and tell a story.

My hope is that when a guest holds the wedding invitation in their hand, that they first and foremost feel something. The whole thing should be an experience. Excitement from receiving a very special envelope (or box), to the gasps and awe of the beauty of the invite itself, to the wide smiles it brings as they share in the joy and anticipation of this beautiful event that will join two unique individuals together as one.

I love the craft of letterpress and the depth it adds to stationery. You don’t just hold a lifeless sheet of paper with information on it, you hold something that you can run your fingers across. Each word casts a shadow of importance. With letterpress, the design can simply be words and still stir emotion.

My stationery design goes beyond how the information is laid out on a piece of paper. It’s also about knowing how the colour of the paper, the texture and thickness of the paper, the print and finishing touches compliment each other. Every little detail down to the seal and binding holds importance in bringing a story to life.

A wedding is a glorious life-changing event celebrating the union of two souls, the invitation is the fanfare to that event! That’s why, to me, the amount of thoughtfulness and love that goes into creating wedding stationery should be carefully considered.

When the wedding stationery has been designed and crafted beautifully, it gives the wedding day the announcement it deserves–it radiates the life of the couple, puts anticipation in the hearts of their guests and will last as a beautiful keepsake for the rest of their lives.